City of London

Open Spaces Branding

City of London’s Open Spaces department manage 14 Open spaces in greater London

These include Hampstead Heath, Epping Forest, Queen’s Park, West Ham Park and Highgate Woods, as well as 200 gardens within the square mile. Many of these sites have registered charity status. Evolve were commissioned to design a unique identity for each of the 14 sites, together with an umbrella device to help unify them.

We began by conducting extensive stakeholder interviews at each site, listening to the opinions of staff, management, visitors and community groups. Interestingly, the feedback contradicted the client’s original brief. Almost everyone we spoke to liked the existing City of London Crest, they just didn’t like the way it was being used. The consensus was the previous brand was sombre, territorial and too business-like. Many visitors couldn’t understand why the City of London was managing spaces outside the ‘square mile’.

Our research helped identify a common philosophy across the sites and enabled us to negotiate a creative solution that successfully served them all. Our response was a design that re-appropriated the City Crest, creating a visual language that is accessible, energetic and optimistic. Our introduction of a ‘boilerplate’ panel as an integral part of the branding helped to clearly identify the City of London as a responsible land managers and philanthropists.

Following the successful brand refresh, Evolve were commissioned to produce new cartography for each open space, uniforms for rangers, tree surgeons and lifeguards, livery for a fleet of over 40 vehicles, roadside demarcation signs for the larger spaces, wildlife interpretation panels and over 100 wayfinding map signs including a new skyline viewpoint panel at Parliament Hill.


Open Speaces Branding

City of London

Jonathan Hawkes
Marianne Westergaard
Sheetal Patel

Project Manager:
Helen Anderson

Steering Group:
Catherine Cavanagh
Sheldon Hind
David Bentley
Bob Warnock
Chris Morris
Martin Hartup
Jennifer Allott
Paul Thomson
Lucy Murphy

English Heritage