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Conservation Areas at Risk (CAAR)

An interactive presentation that enables local authorities to see the effects of ill-advised urban planning.

Evolve designed and programmed an interactive streetscape as part of the ‘Heritage at Risk’ public awareness campaign. Users can take a virtual stroll down a typical street in a conservation area and see how a series of small incremental changes can have a detrimental affect. Two versions of the street – ‘bad’ and ‘good’ – were created by merging over 300 separate photographs in perfect alignment. This ensured a seamless transition when programming script was added. The interactive was used on The Guardian and English Heritage websites.

Click here to try the streetscape


Interactive Streetscape

English Heritage

Project Manager:
Beth McHattie

Phillip Davies
Duncan McCallum
Charles Wagner
Catherine Dewar

Marianne Westergaard

Jonathan Hawkes

English Heritage
English Heritage